Chubby Bubba’s Pizza Review

Chubby Bubba’s Pizza, Ribs, and BBQ – Janesville, WI

Chubby Bubba’s is a local place that I’ve only had once before — I had their cheesy bread and a philly cheese-steak sub, both of which were fantastic. But, since that was a few years ago, I decided to try something new.

Delivery Experience

I ordered delivery through Google Maps, which placed the order through a company named “Slice” – a bit of a surprise since I’d never heard of them, but anything is better than EatStreet sometimes.

Pizza Size: 14 inch (Large)

1 Topping

For this pizza, I decided to stick with a classic pepperoni pizza – I didn’t use a coupon, so I didn’t want to jack up the price by adding additional toppings. The pepperoni were very flavorful and cooked well, not very greasy or anything. Also, there is a TON of cheese on this pizza, no need to order extra!

Base Cost: $10.99

Overall this was honestly a great base cost (base being a plain cheese pizza); the pizza was massive and extremely filling, I couldn’t imagine getting an XL for the additional $2.00.

Cost of Additional Toppings: $1.39

This cost

Crust Type: Hand-Tossed

Absolutely would I recommend getting the Hand-Tossed. While it’s very thick, it’s not overly doughy or bready by any means. Also extremely filling!

Crust Done-ness: Dark

This pizza was cooked fairly dark, what you would typically expect from a bar-style pizza. Not a bad thing by any means!


This pizza reheats very well and has a great shelf-life. Definitely something that should be put in the freezer and re-baked rather than microwaved though, especially given the thickness of the crust and density of the cheese. Each piece is ridiculously filling, so don’t expect to eat more than two or three pieces in one sitting (nor should you)! It will last a few days if it’s just you eating it for sure.

Available Customization Options/Ease of Ordering

There were a great number of additional topping options, both meat and vegetable. However, their ordering system, given its 3rd party nature, is MUCH nicer and more streamlined than that of something like Domino’s where an ad slaps you in the face every other second.

Overall Ordering Experience, Quality of Delivery: 9/10

Placing the order for my food was very easy through Google Maps, which already had the majority of my information filled in already. The wait time also showed far longer than it actually took to deliver my food – about 20 minutes beyond what it actually took. However, since the ordering service Google Maps placed the order through is a bit different than what’s typical of something like EatStreet, there’s no exact tracking as to when your food will arrive; I just happened to be lucky and notice my pizza on my mailbox a few minutes after it was likely delivered. Remember to request a text message or door-bell ring or something, just in case. My doorbell is nearly inaudible, so next time I’ll opt-in for a text or call upon arrival. Otherwise, the food was still hot and way earlier than anticipated, which was great!

Overall Pizza Experience: 9/10

Generally speaking, this pizza was great. A ton of cheese, great pepperoni, a dark-but-not-burnt crust with just the right amount of chewiness without the doughy texture, and an overall great flavor profile. However, the grease from all the cheese is definitely noticeable, but that’s to be expected. Nonetheless, this pizza is absolutely worth the price and worth reordering, especially for the great price!

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